The DVLA theory test is such an important part of a person’s life. It is like a stepping stone in life, one that makes you feel as if you are growing up and becoming an adult. You can take this test once you are 17 years of age. You can apply to sit for the seat as early as three months before you turn 17. This will ensure that you can sit for the test as soon as possible. The theory test is computer based. You need to give this test before you can take the practical driving test and get a license. The theory test itself is a two-part test. You need to select the location which will be the most convenient for you for giving the test.


The Multiple Choice Test

The first part of the DVLA theory test is the multiple choice test. In this part, you will get 50 multiple choice questions that have been randomly selected. You need to answer at least 43 of these 50 questions correctly. Only then will you pass this part of the test. It might sound scary but with suitable preparation, it is quite easy to pass this test.

The Hazard Perception Test

The hazard perception test is the second part of your Driver_and_Vehicle_Licensing_Agency theory test. In this test, you will be shown 14 videos. Each of the 14 videos will be one minute long. The basic objective of this test is to find out how accurately you can judge and react to potentially hazardous situations and conditions on the road while driving. Possible threats and accident situations will be shown to you. You will be shown a total number of 15 hazards where up to 5 points you can score for each hazard. You need to get a score of at least 44 out the total 75 points in order to pass in this section.

Preparing For The Multiple Choice Test

The first step towards passing your theory test properly is to prepare for it with care. You need to study for this. You need to find proper study material in order to be able to study for the test. Fortunately such study material is easily available both online and at teaching centers. You can also take practice or mock tests of the multiple choice test. These tests are very helpful since the frequent practice will help you in getting a perfect score in your DVLA theory test.

Things you must know

It is important to study up and gain knowledge about a certain number of things which you will always be tested on in the DVLA theory test. These include

  • The Highway Code which includes all the rules and regulations as well as the safety laws. You should make sure that the version of the code you study is up to date.
  • Traffic signs, their meaning, and importance are very important knowledge for the test.

With such knowledge at hand, you should be able to pass the test without any problems.

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DVLA is an advanced and absolutely reliable way of communicating with the Government and common citizens. The sole way of doing this is by improving the working pattern across government. Another thought behind this is the fact that it would be really beneficial for the understanding of other departments of government bodies which are quite similar in pattern and structure. The idea behind this is completed with the right amount of knowledge and a good attitude which enabled people to get involved and thus think of something unique. There is a possible chance of coming up with new and unique ideas.

The Achievement

Woman buying a car and getting keys from salesman

The main aim was definitely concerns in bringing together all the important knowledge, skills and experiences of the teams who are busy with delivery across government. The purpose was to repair the detached experience of customers and that of civil servants and the communication with different agencies of government in order to get done with the stuff. There was a need for something very new and immediate which had to be exciting enough to compliment the services of the cross-government. The idea varied immensely, be it something related to business objectives, product-related concerns, or any change in the process.

The Responsibilities

DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is a UK government based organization which is responsible for creating a database of various drivers in and around Great Britain and an entire database for vehicles present in the entire United Kingdom. It has a counterpart as well. It is situated in North Ireland which is known as DVA or Driver and Vehicle Agency. The purpose of the agency is to issue a license of driving, collecting the excise duty for various vehicles, and organizing the entire work on its own. The agency is also known for its personalized registration facility which is known by all. DLVA is an agency specialized for the Department of Transport. The recent executive of this organization is Oliver Morley.

Office And Pattern Of Working


It is situated in Wales and is known for its 16- storey headquarters. It was known by different name in the previous times. It was called DVLC, i.e. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre. It has a network of 39 offices which is situated around Great Britain which was called by Local Network of Office where different people can well apply for transacting different business and for the application of license. The work of the organization is was fully concentrated in Swansea while a large number of users continued their transaction remotely.

EVL Process

It was in the year 2004 when the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency first introduced the technique of EVL, i.e. Electronic Vehicle Licensing. This technique allowed different customers to pay the excise duty of the vehicle either online or by means of telephone. The customers were although given the option to pay the vehicle tax with the means of the post office; they choose to do something different and easy for the customers. The post office was given the responsibility till the year 2012.

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DVLA number is one of the most important parts and parcel of the vehicle users of Britain. There are some of the details that you will have to know from the customer service. The full process is often a dilemma for you. Here are the complete details, that you will have to check in.

Auction Details


The first thing that you will have to check is related to the auction of the car. The auction of the DVLA number is held in private and in public too. There are some of the top things that you will have to check out. The first option that you will get there is the auction details. The auction is going to state the details of the car, in many other aspects. This is the key support that you will get from the DVLA customer service. In the auction, there are some of the features that you will have to check out. The first thing is the price of the auction or the amount that you will have to pay. Along with the auctioned price, you are also needed to pay the taxes. This includes the 5% accessory tax and the VAT too.

Car And Engine Details

You can also get the details of the car from the DVLA number. The details include the car details, the engine details, the driving license number and also the different details of the taxes that has been paid for the car. The different payment details. The payment details also include the MOT and the SORN report. So, you can get the complete support of it.

Get A Fresh Number For You

The final thing that you can get regarding the DVLA number is a fresh number. There are many of the things that you will have to check here. You can get it from some of the sites, where fresh DVLA details can be availed. There are no other payments for that. You will get a quote for the order that you will be placing and from there. This is going to help you a lot, and you will be getting the complete thing at a better rate.

Customer Care For You Only

So, you have the complete details of The DVLA number with you. You can get further details with DVLA customer service, where you can make an inquiry or can also get a complete detail. There are some of the things that you can get from the site too. However, if you are comfortable with a call, then it is better to give a call at _. This will be supporting you in a better way. When you are having the complete details of the norms with you, then it is easy to get the things that you will be informed by the customer care. You can find a better help from the company. There is one of the things that you will have to take care, and that is related to the investment of yours.

Now you are ready to get the complete details, and that you can find from the customer care support.

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